Rent an Audience Response System from CompSolution for your next event and we'll help you deliver professional interactive presentations with impact.

Maximize your event by involving every participant and elevate their experience. Let our audience response system transform your presentation by giving each and every participant in your audience a voice.

By gathering the opinions, beliefs and knowledge of your delegates you can establish new information that can be used to prioritize your objectives, realign resources and focus your decision making - all whilst providing a positive impact on your delegates.


Key features of our system

  • Simple and easy for delegates to use.
  • Completely scalable - We can cater from 10 to thousands of delegates.
  • Provides instant 'on screen' graphical results.
  • Powerful comprehensive data reporting.
  • Anonymous, individual or demographically segmented results and reports.
  • Can 'track' individual delegate responses.
  • Can support impromptu & 'on the fly' voting for unplanned questions.
  • Can accept multiple responses and can even prioritise responses.

Our ResponseCard keypads

  • Our voting keypads are lightweight, compact and "credit card" sized.
  • They are easy & simple to use
  • Allow up to 10 multiple response options
  • They are easy to store and transport - thus lowering shipping costs.
  • 'Lanyard-able' with either your custom lanyards or our stock plain lanyards
  • Dimensions: L 84mm x W 53mm X H 7.6mm